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I have never tasted such a superb product...taste, consistency, bursting with such absolutely, awesome flavor...I double-dip every night before bedtime...please don't tattletale on me as I don't want to share my stash with anyone! - Randa

I picked up your nut butters this past summer during my annual trip to Burlington, and had enough left over to put it out with toast and jam on Thanksgiving morning down here in Pennsylvania.  My entire family gobbled the nut butters down, which finally gave me an idea for Christmas stocking stuffers.  While I may have to reinforce the loops on the stockings, it will be worth it.  Now I have yet another reason to say, "Why the heck did I leave Vermont for Pennsylvania?"  Just ordered two cases, which ought to take care of the family and my co-workers.

Your maple chipotle triple nut butter dramatically changed my life. You took all three of my intense loves for Vermont, spicy food, and peanut butter (which in this case, took to the next level with almonds, cashews, and pecans) and mixed them into one dreamy flavor combination of amazement. I can't find an edible surface it's not good on or with.. it's uses in the kitchen are endless and I never want to be without it. Thank you! - Paul

I just bought your Maple Cinnamon nut butter, and it's outrageous.  Like the more famous Vermont food product, Ben & Jerry's, I can easily see sitting down with my husband, 2 spoons, and a jar and....oops! All gone. When my family got home last night, I secretly informed my husband of my purchase, as not to tip off our kids.  There's no way we're sharing! Thanks for making such a wonderful, locally produced item!  I'm officially hooked. - Julia

I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how much I LOVE love the Maple & Cinnamon Triple Nut Butter. Seriously, it's heavenly, and i'm afraid of eating the whole jar with a spoon in one sitting.  Will definitely be ordering in bulk next time. Too bad (or maybe lucky for me) I am all the way in California.  - Mary

Hi there,
So I went home today after buying  both the Ginger and the Cinnamon Triple Nut Butters at the Burlington farmers  market and made myself two slices of toast. I had one with each, a few bites by  itself and some with raspberry jam, you know, to compare and contrast... I just  wanted to tell you how delicious they were, so good! I've decided I like them  both equally--the way you love your kids, except maybe Ginger is a straight A  student, on the varsity soccer team and earned a full scholarship to an Ivy  league school, if you get my drift. But seriously, they are both amazing!  Thanks.  - Liz

Dear Nutty Vermonter,
I tried your product last November and here I am  still dreaming about it one year later!  I will be ordering your product  again and again so I will have to dream no more.  -  Scarlet

We purchased some of your wonderful nut butter at the  Stowe Farmers Market in August.  It is delicious, and gone!  - Andrea

I just purchased my first triple nut butter at the Stowe  open-air food market while on vacation there and I had to tell you how  fascinatingly delicious I find your product to be.  I'm thinking of gifting  all of my friends and family with at least one jar this coming holiday season so  that I can share "my find" with them!  -Jan

Hello Nutty  Vermonter,
Last week at Stowe I bought your Maple & Cinnamon Nut Butter  and I have to say it is amazing!  I have enjoyed it very much and look  forward to getting some more from you soon!  - Suz

Hi there!
I had  the pleasure of meeting you in Burlington on the July 4th weekend.  Your nut butters (of which I bought 6 or 7 jars) are so great! 

I can't imagine  but that these recipes will catch on.  They are so unusual and so yummy!  Congratulations on your ingenuity!  - Deirdre

Hi - my  husband bought a jar of the Maple & Chipotle triple nut butter at the Stowe  Farmer's market for me and I just had to tell you how fantastic it is! I will  definitely be looking for the other two flavors. It's so tasty I don't expect it  to last very long!  - Aliza

I just wanted to say thank you so much  for your wonderful triple nut butter!  I was in Stowe yesterday, 7/19/2009,  after a wonderful weekend and we happened to stop at the farmers market and as  luck would have it come upon your stand.  I bought some of your triple nut  butters for myself, my mother & mother in law!  We are all now big fans  - HUGE!  We look forward to ordering from you in the near future.   Take care. - Teri

Your Maple & Cinnamon Triple Nut Butter is insanely  great.  Keep up the decadent work! - Mitch

I am from southern NH and on a recent trip to VT I bought all 3 of the  nut butters at the Burlington farmers market. They are the BEST!  My  husband and I savor every bit we eat!  We even keep them hidden from the  kids. When I am all out I will certainly order some more from you. Thanks for  such a wonderful, natural product!!  - Nicole
Just wanted to tell you we purchased a jar of your triple nut butter (Maple  & Cinnamon) at the Farmers Market in Stowe while visiting in July.  DELICIOUS!!!  - Pap & Grammy
Last night we attended a wedding.  The bride and groom, regular  visitors to Stowe, gave their guests your Maple & Cinnamon Triple Nut Butter  as favors.  I just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed it!  We  live in Connecticut and I am so happy that we will be able to order more of your  nut butter after we finish this jar (which is already half way gone!!)   What a great product!  - Lauren
Someone gave me a jar of the Maple & Ginger Nuts and I have been  craving them ever since I ate the last one!!! You've got a great thing  going on! :) Waiting for my nuts, (Wink, Wink)  - Karrie
Wow wow and triple wow!!!  I tasted it before buying it, but...   I ate the whole jar in three days and I took a precaution:  I have hidden  the jar from my kids!!!   Ha ha ha!   Totally awesome!   - Valerie
Dear Kelly:
I would wait a lifetime if necessary for your product.  It's so  wonderful.  - Quint

Hi There!
My husband and I met you at a Farmer's market in Stowe back in May... your triple nut butter's did not last very long in our house and we haven't stopped  thinking about them since!.......P.S. I am salivating just thinking about the  nut butters!  - Pam

Wonderful! My friends are raving about the nut butters and I think you will  have at least two new customers, maybe four.  Best wishes for your success  and enjoy a wonderful holiday!  A very happy customer. 
- Martha

I recently discovered your nut butter at the Burlington Farmers  Market.  I have been there three consecutive weeks and have purchased your  nut butter each time.  Now, the problem is that I do not make it through  the week on just one jar, even two jars has proven to be insufficient.   Would you consider making a larger jar?  Perhaps a gallon (then  perhaps I could spare some for my roommates)?  - Heather

My husband and I were recently on vacation in Stowe and purchased 2 of your  triple-nut-butter spreads.  Our sons wolfed them down in one sitting when we returned!  So I just ordered a case of them!  Thanks -- and  good work on the nut butter!  - Nancy

I purchased two nut butters today at the Burlington Farmer's Market,  and I have to say this is the BEST nut butter of all time!  Thank you  and keep up the great work, I plan on purchasing many more!    Thanks!! 
- Laura

I was visiting a friend in Burlington this past weekend and picked up some of your Maple & Chipotle Triple Nut Butter at the farmers market. I consumed  (more like inhaled) the entire jar in two days, and now feel like there is a  huge void in my life.  - Jessye

I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are thoroughly enjoying the Maple & Chipolte nuts that we bought on Saturday @ the Farmers  Market.  We're sitting in our hotel room eating the nuts right now! - Matt & Jennifer

I just wanted to let you know that I absolutely loved the Maple &  Cinnamon Triple Nut Butter.  I bought a jar at Farmer's Market in  Burlington on Saturday and it is almost gone so I ordered more.  Makes  peanut butter look really bad!!!  Keep up the good work!   Thanks.  - Kim

Hello, I am the guy that likes to buy your fantastic nuts by the  case.  If you can believe it I have run out, I need my fix.  - Alan

OH YEAH!  Love the nutty butters I got at the Stowe Farmers Market.  I was just there Sunday, July 24th, and picked up the Maple Cinnamon and The Maple Chipotle. 

WELL, I love to cook, what I call, pantry to fridge cooking.  Meaning, what do I have that I can make a meal out of!

I through together Adzuki beans, summer squash, green pepper, tossed it around in hot olive oil with garlic, curry and cumin.  THEN, mixed in mango salsa and on the side of the hot saute pan mixed the Maple Chipotle with a couple tablespoons of tamari sauce. Then when it was boiling, I tossed all the ingredients together. Added Whole Wheat Orzo. I only used maybe a teaspoon of the nutty butter, perhaps half tablespoon.  Holy Delicious hotness!  The heat was perfect, the flavor would've put "The Next Food Network Star" to shame! 

Thank you for making my meals "POP" with your flavorful nutty butters. oh, I need more!  Guess I'll find you at the market sometime over the next few weeks. 

And, Yes, The Maple Cinnamon satisfies that late night sweet craving before bed! - Mary

Every year, my family goes on vacation in Vermont up in Stowe. Last year was the first time I tried the Maple Cinnamon Nuts and I loved it! So this year I bought another jar so I can bring one home and it's already gone! Looks like I have to buy another jar! Thank you for letting me go nuts for these nuts! - Emily

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